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Dull Rant

People in St. Petersburg, Florida actually have... livejournal.
::Shudder:: And I recognize some of these people when I usually hang out
the Globe Coffeehouse in downtown St. Pete. But, they never talk to me
and they're all the same. The most odious thing about adolescence and
young adults in St. Petersburg, Florida is their goddamn coffeehouse
liberalism. God, it is disgusting! Blah, blah, I hate the government,
blah, blah, Weezer is so cool, blah, blah, Oh my god, our economy is
decreasing because of Bush, that damn republican, blah, blah, I'm a
witch, blah, blah etc. Excuse me while I go vomit at your trivial
erratic philosophies upon life which will have nothing to do for you
five years from now! I bet you every last hair on my head that you'll go
off and live in Sarasota, Tampa, or still remain in godforsaken St.
They are all children playing a game and have a vocabulary that consists
of saying "like" incessantly before they make a stupid statement about
your experiences. Who fucking cares! All you adolescents do is chant the
same fucking repitition.
Now some teenagers I have exceptions for such as Juls and Steve. The
most extraordinary people I have conversed with and are gifted
borderline geniuses to me. Of course, I am probably going to receive
some dumb comments from people opposing my ranting, but I do not care.
Go ahead, it won't affect me. =P
As for this lovely rainy day - there is nothing to do and no one is
hanging out at Borders at this hour. I'm still mulling whether or not I
should go to the movies and see "America's Sweethearts" or "Planet Of
The Apes". Both look like they suck, but I want to get out the house
very badly. I need a little more suspense in my life. Now anyone would
think I'm mad for missing the bittersweet excitement of unrequited love
and I do sort of. I also miss the nights when I would lie to Mom and Dad
and say that I was going to stay at the Globe, but I would really go
over to Corey's house and we would have a good shag for half-an-hour. Or
getting intoxicated or high for that matter, but I have to stop that
shit. I already got in trouble for getting drunk and staying out all
night and having a cop return me home. And getting high is just as
worse, 'cause I hate not feeling in control or feeling like I'm not in
reality. But, there has to be something out there that I could find a
little enthusiasm in within the next few weeks before school starts.
Anyway, I reiterate, I'm extremely bored right now and I know I will be
for the rest of the day, so please, anyone intriguing who is reading
this, (and if you don't mind the long-distance bill or if you have a
phone card, that's fine). Please give me a call at either one of these
Home Phone: (727) 527-2825
Cell Phone: (727) 420-0627
Voicemail: (727) 329-1115 ext: 1638
On a side note, go harrass any of the people who live in St. Pete except
me. Please? =)

Btw, my name is Jadienne.
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