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Very delicate

Hello everyone. The information I am about to share with you is extremely important. Please bear with me.

Earlier this evening, I was perusing through "Self" magazine when I happened to come across this article stated "The New Anorexia Outrage" and it elaborated about how there are a number of websites on the internet that support and even encourage anorexia and bulimia. These sites also alter the figures of models and actresses so that they could have a more skeletal appearance and present themselves as the "ideal" body figure for a woman. I was atonished to also discover that there are groups on Yahoo! that support starvation and binging and purging and give them advice on how to do it also! This article made me very discouraged and upset me so much that it made me pace across my living room while I waiting for my friend to get the hell of off the computer so I could begin posting this information on communities in livejournal. These websites and groups are inordinately horrifying and disgusting. They are assuring anorexics and bulimics to invite death into their hearts and claiming that it is all right to commit suicide. This has to put to a stop! But, tragically, the First Amendment has the audacity to defend this bullshit. Fortunately, the article gave two sources of information called "Anorexia SOS". Please. I urge you to go to these resources.

For online support and referrals, go to the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center at http://www.edreferral.com

Or go to Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention at http://www.edap.org

I beseech you to join support communities on livejournal regarding anorexia and bulimia. There are also self-harm, alcoholim, depression etc. support communities if you are interested. Please, please go to those evil sites and groups and try to put some sense into those people. This makes my heart ache.
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